compostable garbage bag with high-quality

Short Description:

·Convenient for daily use.

·100% compostable and and biodegradable, eco-friendly product.

·Strong and durable, not easy to tear.

·Logo customization.

·Suitable for many occision, office, kitchen and more.

Product Detail

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Mode KS-dz001-006
Color Customized
Size Customized
Material Polylactic acid (PLA)
Shipment 15-20 days after sample confirmation
Payment 30% deposit and 70% before loading
Sample Available
Package Opp bag with common box
Logo Customized


【Biodegradable Trash Bags】Our trash bags are all made of polylatic acid(PLA), SGS,FDA,LFGB certificate,Bioplastics Based On Natural Renewable Plant Starch Extract, compostable in backyard or home composting facilities without causing damage to the environment.
★【several sizes for choice】Our compost trash bags large than some kitchen trash bags ,several choice for choosing and customized.
★【TALL GARBAGE BAG】Ideal use as kitchen trash bag, food paper waste collection bag ,office trash bin liner, tall kitchen around the house with trash bags great for baby diaper and cat litter disposal tackle any household or office chore.
★【Unscented & Odorless Trash Bags】These Are Unscented,Non-Toxic And Pure. It Controls The Odor Very Well, And Help Us Identify The Contents Of The Garbage So That Sorting And Recycling Of It Better.
★ Comparable to Plastic Bags ,the compostable bags are the best choice for a cleaner environment and ECO-FRIENDLY future. Replacing plastic with our sustainably compostable trash bags for the Environmental Benefits. Embrace the green life, make the earth better together.

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–How long will PLA,paper and rice husk products take to biodegrade?

PLA can achieve full biodegradation within 180 days under composting degradation conditions, and the final product of degradation is carbon dioxide and water; while plastic can take upto 400 years to degrade and styrofoam never degrades! So, PLA,paper and rice husk products are environmentally sustainable solution for food service and packaging disposables industries. The rate of decomposition depends on the composting conditions – the temperature, turnover rate, moisture etc. Generally, they will biodegrade much faster, if they are broken into smaller pieces.

–What’s the payment term?

30% deposit and 70% after shipment.

–What the features of the products?

Eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable and non-toxic.


–Can I customize the brand and logo?

Yes, we provide customization.

What’s the deliver time?
–15-20 days after sample confirmation.

What kind of package usually use?
–Opp bag with common box, but we also can customize as your inquiry.

What’ the size of package?
–Depend on the products.

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